Be smart when’s traveling or parking your vehicle. Always be aware of your surroundings. Particularly when driving at night and entering a parking lot. Make sure to pick your parking space carefully.
Some things to keep on mind:
1. Always look for a parking spot where your driver side door will open towards the store entrance.
2. Always park in a well lit area.
3. Be aware not to park close to vehicles that are occupied.
4. Always place your valuables out of site or locked in the trunk.
5. When exiting your vehicle, be swift but alert walking with confidence head and eyes up.
6. Keep clear of approaching vehicles and/or people. At least 10 feet.
7. Always have a plan “B” when walking through the lot on where to take cover or escape if necessary.
8. Carry some form of protection with you while walking. Pepper spray, car key, Etc.
9. Call a friend or family member and keep them on the line while walking in the lot. Inform them of your exact location and any helpful details in case something would happen.
10. Most importantly always, always, trust your instincts and nothing else. If something doesn’t feel right. Don’t exit your vehicle.

~Ken Zahn
General Manager
Schmidt Security Pro