It’s the time of year a lot of families will be going on vacation.  Before you leave, make sure that you have your contact information is up to date with us.  You can do that through our website or you can call in and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives at 419-526-4747 or 866-526-4747.

To update through our website do the following:

On the Home Page, click on My Account, then the Client Login.  This will take you to your Client Portal.  Now click on “Login” to take you to your “Connected Monitoring”, click on the big box for Connected Monitoring and you will be given many choices to access your account.  To see your notification list, click on “View Account Information, enter your account number and account password then click “view account” scroll down to Notification List to verify the names and numbers on your list.  If you have changes that you would like to have made it is very simple.  Close out that page and you will be back to your Client Portal page, click on notification list, enter the required information and any changes to your list and click SEND.  It is that easy.  Your changes will be made and an email confirmation will be sent to the listed email address.  And as always, we are only a phone call away to assist you.