Campfire Safety

Now that summer is in full swing, evenings become a great time for campfire fun. Follow these easy steps to ensure that all parties involved remain safe:

* Check the weather forecast to ensure that no weather fluctuations are expected. Gusts of wind can produce flying sparks that can cause a fire to spread unexpectedly.

* Check the campfire site for hazards. Overhead branches from nearby trees, power lines, dry grass and grounded leaves can be potential hazards. The vertical clearance required for a fire can but more than three times the height of the pile since heat will extend beyond the flames.

* If conditions are unusually dry, wet the surrounding area for at least 10-15 feet surrounding the campfire site and consider constructing the campfire on a bed of gravel.

* Keep the fire in a contained unit such as a small elevated fire pit, a fire ring, or a burn barrel.

* Never leave a campfire unattended. Even a small breeze can cause a campfire to spread rapidly.

More tips on building and maintaining a safe campfire can be found at

Have a safe summer!