Crash & Smash Protection has proven to be a great differentiator for Schmidt Security Pro customers and an effective feature for apprehending intruders. It ensures that a signal is sent to our central monitoring station even if an intruder disables or destroys the security control panel. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how our “crash and smash” detection technology works, so here’s a quick overview.

For starters, panels equipped with an wireless communicator monitors ALL security system events and communicates them as they occur to our Central Monitoring Station (CMS).

  • If an intrusion sensor is tripped, the CMS is aware within seconds and is on alert.
  • The CMS expects to receive either a disarm notification before the dialer or entry delay expires, or an alarm notification if it does expire. But, if the panel is disabled or destroyed by an intruder before the entry or dialer delay expires, no notification will be sent.
  • When the CMS fails to receive the subsequent disarm or alarm notification, it recognizes that something is wrong, identifies this as a “crash and smash” event and sends a notification to the customer via email or text message if they have an interactive account and have set up Alarm Notifications. CMS responds to this “crash and smash” event as a normal burglar alarm.

If your security system is not equipped with an wireless communicator there’s no better time than NOW to secure your home or business from a potential “crash and smash”.