The state of Ohio requires businesses to meet certain requirements for their Fire Extinguishers. Here is a check list to see if you are within the State Fire Code.

1) Have your Fire Extinguishers been inspected and tagged by a licensed company within the calendar year?

2) is the gage in the green, showing that the extinguisher has a full charge?

3) is the Extinguisher hung in between 3 and 5 feet with a visible label showing its location?

4) is the Extinguisher newer than 1984?

5) If the Extinguisher is more than 6 years old, has the required maintenance been done with a sticker placed on the back?

6) Do you have access to an extinguisher within 50-75 feet no matter where you are in your business?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, we would be glad to do a free on site survey to help get you back within State Code.