Following some basic fire code requirements can help avoid false alarms, dangerous situations and costly fines, and it will also keep your equipment in top shape!
Fire Alarm Requirements
  • Ohio Fire Code and Insurance Underwriters require fire alarm systems to be serviced and tested at least once per year.  Dirty or dusty locations may require more frequent service checks.
  • OSHA requires there to be a written evacuation policy in place.  Fire drills must be held annually or with any new hires.
  • OSHA requires there be some way to notify occupants that there is a problem such as a fire, hazardous weather or workplace violence.  The system must be fully supervised, which means you are warned if there is a problem with the system, and must be test monthly.
  • Ohio Basic Building Code requires alarm systems to be installed anywhere large groups of people gather, such as churches and theaters, and in buildings where evacuation may be difficult, such as nursing homes.
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