Summers here and its Hot! Often times we overlook the obvious security threats or risks when opening windows, while out at the pool, shopping or at the amusement park. Here are some reminders when you are in and around the house or out enjoying the day.

Make sure if your windows are open at home at night for the cooler evening air, that you close and latch them in the morning before or before leaving the house. Screens are very easy to cut or simply slide up, which can allow even the novice of intruder entry. (An alarm contact on the window would remind you when arming the system that those windows are open.)
Look through the window from the outside of the house. See what a criminal would see and use good judgment. For instance, don’t leave that brand new ipad box on the kitchen table with the receipt. Not only are you advertising that you have an ipad in the house, you also leave the impression that you may have other new technology in the house that might be worth a look.
Car windows are often left down or “cracked” to allow the heat to escape while left in a parking lot all day. If doing this, please make sure first, that you have no children or pets left in the car before exiting!
Secondly, make sure that you put items of value out of view. Don’t leave you tablet, phone or purse sitting on the seat even if the car is locked. This is an easy “smash and grab” opportunity for someone. It is best to lock them in a storage compartment accessible with a key.
If you are going to be away for a few days on vacation…
• Have the paper and/or mail suspended or have a trusted neighbor pick them up so they are not piling up in the box or on the porch.
• If you set the trash can out, have them put that away too.
• Cut the grass shorter before you go leave so that it doesn’t appear longer than usual while you’re away.
• For long periods away, add multiple timers and times to timers for your lights. Program a light to go on for a couple minutes in the bedroom and then off again. Repeat that for other rooms in the house to appear as though someone just flipped on the light.
• Don’t leave porch lights or garage lights on all day or night.
(We have light modules available that can assist with this type of programing and that can be controlled via the internet, smartphone or tablet)
Don’t leave your wallet, purse or valuable out in a hotel room or gym bag if out at the pool. Lock them up or keep them with you. If carrying large amounts of cash. Split it up into different locations in the room, and in different pockets. This way should you lose money or have it taken from you; it is not a total loss. Ladies, when carrying bags, make sure that your wallet, phone and tablets are tucked inside and not accessible for someone to walk up and take it out without you knowing it.
Be smart and aware of your surroundings, especially in new places. Make meeting places in case you become separated from each other or in case of an emergency. Have phone numbers available for your children if they are out with each other and make sure you check in with each other every hour or so.
Taking a few extra minutes to check these things can save you hours should an incident occur. If you would like additional tips or would like us to conduct a security survey of your house, please contact us.
Remember to have fun this summer and be safe, secure, Schmidt!