It seems that everywhere you look now someone is on a Smart phone, either talking, texting, listening to music, making crazy videos and the list goes on and on.  But did you know that you can recieve messages to your cell phone to let you know your home is secure, when you kids get home from school or if your alarm is going off?

The “New Normal”  for home security is “Interactive Lifestyle Systems” that helps you to know your home is secure no matter where you are.  

What can this system do?

-Send mom and dad a text message when kids get home from school to let them know they’ve arrived safely.

-If you forget to lock the doors or arm your system, simply click the easy to use application on your smart phone and your system will arm and doors will lock.

-Turn the thermostat down and the lights off when everyone leaves the house, offering real energy savings to the homeowner.

These are just a few great features that come with “Interactive Security”.  If you would like more information, please contact our office today!