If you have a power outage, your system may be beeping.  Here is how to stop that:

If your alarm system is beeping simply go to your keypad, look for the status button or the (*) key, press the button and the system will display on your keypad what the problem is.  It may be a list of things that are wrong, most commonly it is because you have lost power or you have a low battery.  Once you have acknowledged the beeping (by pressing the status *) you will need to disarm your system twice, (disarm or off and then your 4-digit code).  This will stop the beeping for a few hours or if you just had something in the memory it will clear it out and won’t beep anymore.  It will beep every few hours until you get the problem resolved, just as a little friendly reminder.  If you have questions on what is being displayed on your keypad please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.