It happens all too often, that dreaded phone call, or the discovery that your home or business has been burglarized. I get phone calls all the time from people saying, “I have been in business for 25 years and never had a problem until this,” or “We never thought this would happen to us.”

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, but here are some simple tips that will tilt the odds in your favor:

1. Install an alarm system. Having an alarm system in your business makes you four times less likely to have a burglary and three times less likely in your home. The signage is a big key, make it obvious that you have an alarm system. If you need more signs or stickers please call the office and let us know.

2. Lock your doors. I know this one seems elementary, but there are still people out there that leave their doors unlocked. As Kenny Rogers once sang, “Trust in God, but lock your doors.” Also, it is a good idea to install deadbolts on your doors. A deadbolt is no guarantee, but, it will make it more difficult for an intruder to gain access to your house. Use long screws when installing the deadbolts, long enough to penetrate the door frame, this will increase the holding power considerably. Or have deadbolts professionally installed by a reputable company such as The Locksmith Shop (Wooster) or Accurate Key & Lock (Mansfield).

3. Leave lights on, or install motion activated lights on the outside of your home or business. Criminals like to go unnoticed. Lighting will increased their odds of being seen.

4. Trim any plants, trees or bushes that will give burglars cover. Just like lighting, this will make them more visible to passers by.

Once again, these suggestions are not a guarantee, but could very well be the difference between, “I never thought this would happen to us,” and “we have never had a problem.”

Nate Huffman
Security Specialist
Schmidt Security Pro