Safety Tips to Prevent Falls at Home
Here are some ideas to use at home to help prevent falls.
• Keep cords, furniture and small objects out of walkways and off of stairs. Do not put electric cords under rugs or carpet.
• Large area rugs should have non-slip backing. If not, use double-sided tape to keep the rug securely attached to the floor. Remove throw rugs, so you do not trip on them.
• Replace or remove carpet that is torn or has turned-up edges. Use low pile carpet or solid flooring.
• Use bright tape or paint to mark areas where the flooring surface changes, such as from carpet to solid floors. It is easy to fall when walking from one type of flooring to another.
• Have lighting throughout your home. Use night lights in bedrooms, bathrooms and near stairs.
• Use switches that glow in the dark, so they can be seen more easily.
• Keep electrical cords and small things out of your path.
• Mount sturdy handrails to help with going up and down stairs. They should extend beyond the top and bottom stair.
• Have lighting on the stairs. Apply non-slip surfaces to wood stairs to prevent falls.
• On the edge of each step, paint a bright colored line, so they are more easily seen.