It is important to understand that most burglars strike during the times the homeowner is NOT present.
To successfully prevent a burglary you must create the illusion of the home being occupied when you are away.

A few quick tips…

1. Leave a radio on near the door of the home. Most burglars will be listening to determine if someone is home.

2. Do not announce travel plans on facebook or other social media sites. Your friends will enjoy your vacation photos just as much when you get home as they do if you upload them from your phone when you are away.

3. Just buy a large TV? Do not announce the fact by putting the box at the curb on trash day. The modern “flat screen” television is much more portable (and in demand) than older sets.

4. Long day at work? Using a mobile device to message your facebook friends that you only have “two more hours to go” may not be such a good idea. Especially if your settings make postings visible to “friends of friends”. Who knows, the boss may be reading too!

5. When you are at home make the home look the same from the outside as it does when you are away. Do you have a neighbor who only turns on the porch light when they are away? Don’t be that person.

6. Get to know your neighbors and learn who you can trust. Notice what cars belong in the neighborhood.

7. Trust yourself. If things do not look right, chances are they are not. Call your local police to report suspicious activity.

8. And lastly get in the habit of turning your alarm system on even if you are just running to the store for a gallon of milk, this will create a routine that will help in making sure your alarm system is on everytime you leave the house.