A good spring cleaning may involve moving furniture, purging clothes, hauling out unused stuff, cleaning out the garage, washing the windows and using cleaning supplies. Before you embark on your spring cleaning rituals keep these safety tips in mind.

1. Don’t Rush. Spring cleaning can be tiring work. Don’t forget safety even if you have worked hard all day and want to get done.

2. Moving Furniture. Use proper lifting technique, keeping your back straight and lift with your legs. Wear shoes when moving heavy items so you don’t hurt your toes. If it feels too heavy find someone to help.

3. Ladders and Step Stools. When you are outside washing windows use caution and don’t lean too far to either side. Have someone hold the ladder steady. Wear nonskid shoes and be extra careful if the rungs of the ladder are wet.

4. Wet Surfaces. Make sure you take the proper precautions to keep from falling and let others in your family, especially children, know about the wet floors.

5. Man The Piles. If you are decluttering make sure all the boxes and bags of stuff you are getting rid of don’t cause a safety concern, so keep the piles out of the way and away from the stairs.

6. Overloaded. When you go up and down your stairs carrying a load make sure you keep a hand free to hold onto the stair railing. Be sure you can see over the load you are carrying so you don’t trip and fall.

7. Clean Supply Safety. Open windows or turn on exhaust fan when using cleaning supplies with nasty fumes. Don’t mix ammonia and bleach together as they create toxic fumes when combined. Wear rubber gloves and keep supplies away from children and pets.

8. Water Safety. Don’t leave water buckets unattended, even small amounts of water are a drowning hazard for small children.

Courtesy of @Custom Alarm