We help the client keep their most valuable assets  secure when they are not available to watch them.

The role of the security officer is to control and protect the physical environment of a facility.  We are to carry out the wishes of the client to protect and maintain their property in their absence.  We can be seen as a caring overseer during times when the responsible party can’t be at a location or needs a mental break.  This provides peace of mind for the client.

The client can then direct their attention to running their business and increasing their sales and profitability.

By integrating People procedures and technology we can provide top-notch protection for all our clients.

There is a wide range of activities we do while at work.  We secure the facility, answer their phones, monitor truck traffic, monitor safety situations in the facilities, record unusual events, and contact the appropriate emergency personnel when needed.

We have had multiple attempted break-ins over the last month and several situations of dealing with disorderly individuals.

The economy and society is under stress right now and we are seeing a rise in criminal related behavior.

In what unique ways can your facility better utilize a Security Officer?