Vacations are supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation.  Here are some security tips that can help you feel safe even away from home.

Before you leave:

-Plan your trip and give the itinerary with emergency phone numbers to a trusted friend or neighbor.

-Place identification tags on the inside and outside of your lugage.  Use your first initial and last name only.  Mark your luggage with a bright color so it is easy to spot if you are in baggage claim, this cuts down on the time spent searching for your luggage.

-Install good locks on your doors and windows and be sure to use them.

-Call your security company to make sure your contact list is up to date, inform them you will be out of town, and test your system.

-Remove exterior “hidden” house keys.

-Make a record of your credit card numbers and keep them in a safe place.

-Arrange for a friend or neightbor to pick up your mail, packages and newspapers on a daily basis.

When Traveling

-Always be aware of your surroundings.

-Always check the interior of your vehicle before entering.

-Do not stop and assist a stranded motorist.  Note the location and call for help.

-Never let your gas tank get below 1/4 full.

-Use well traveled roads

-Keep your doors locked at all times.

-Park in well lit areas.

-Keep valuables out of sight.

At the Hotel

-Never leave cash, credit cards or car keys in your room.

-Do not leave jewlry or other expensive items lying around your room.  Use the hotel safe to store your valuables.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Notify the management of any suspicious persons.

While Sightseeing

-There is safety in numbers.  Tours should be taken with a group.

-Verify the tour agency or guide is reputable.

-Be wary of strangers who ask a lot of questions about your plans.

-Stay in public areas.

-Looking lost makes you an easy target for crime.  If you need assistance ask, don’t ask pedestrians passing by for directions.

-Before leaving the hotel, ask if there are any areas of town that should be avoided.

Remember, good planning and always being aware of your surroundings will make you less likely to be a target of crime.